I Did It…

Tracking a success today! Everything went into my #WW app. It doesn’t sound like much, but I feel really good about it. I am so appreciative of all the kind words of encouragement readers left me yesterday. Many thanks to you I am truly grateful.

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The Purple plan on #WW affords 16 SmartPoints, and I did exceed that but the important thing is that I know that I did. So when one of my kids asked me if I wanted a hot cocoa, I said “No thanks, I have a seltzer.” Just being aware of what I have eaten today made a difference. So here is to starting small but starting non the less.

4 thoughts on “I Did It…

  1. Jenn it is so good to see you back writing! I very much miss our weekly WW workshops and the great supportive community we enjoyed. Like you I also miss Michele’s 5:15 Spin. Although we have had many challenges since March, we must not let them be a master over us. We can and must rise above them. You can do it.
    P.S. How cool to get a Peleton! If I had the room I would get one, but since I don’t I just have find other ways to get that activity in until I feel ready to go back to the gym.

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    1. It is wonderful to hear from you Jen! I miss you and all our WW/Spin friends. You have such a great attitude and of course you are right about rising above the challenges. Thank you for sending me inspiration, I appreciate you.


  2. I went WAY over points yesterday but then listened to the short audio on falling off plan. I’m back for the next day 💪 Glad your day was smooth sailing…

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    1. You remind me to take each day as it comes. What a good idea to listen to an audio about falling off plan. Smart to listen to a story of encouragement instead of a negative internal dialogue about falling off plan. You inspire!


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