Day One…

If you are reading this and are like, “Oh no, day one again? I feel so bad for her, she is really struggling.” then I promise you – you are missing the point. Even though it is a struggle right now, this is not about the struggle. It is about the deep need to get back to goal. I am doing the work to to get my healthy lifestyle back in balance. Losing weight, committing to a healthy lifestyle is something that requires ongoing dedication and care. On its surface it doesn’t seem like it should be such a big deal. The truth is for many people it isn’t, they are able to manage this part of their lives with ease. Not me, I am still have a lot to learn.

In the spirit of learning, I participated in Oprah’s Your Life in Focus: A Vision Forward this morning. It was helpful, and I took quite a lot with me, Here are some of the words of wisdom I plan on keeping in my back pocket as I get back on track:

  1. “In this moment, I am well.”
  2. “Commitment is a daily thing.”
  3. “To act with consistency. and intentionality is the way.”
  4. “I will give to myself then give to others.”
  5. “Will this choice move me forward?”
  6. “I have decided to make a change.”
  7. “Name it (your goals) be specific.”
  8. “When somebody who has loved you, given birth to you, seeded you passes, their spirit abides with your spirit. If you allow yourself to stay open you have an angel you call by name.”

3 thoughts on “Day One…

  1. First, I am surprised to find you back on day one. As a mentor that is not what I expected. Then I realized you are real and your struggles are as real as mine. This should be day 14 for me but I have not worked hard enough to make the needle move on the scale. So if you can do it then I can be honest with myself and be at day one again too. I read your words daily but that is all I did – read. Now I will make an effort to absorb your daily message to help me move forward. Thanks. See you tomorrow. 🤗

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    1. Thank you, so much for the inspiration! I was just standing in my kitchen, saying aloud mind you, “Will this choice bring me closer or further away from my goal?” I walked out and decided to finish up some work, and was greeted by your words of encouragement. Thank you, thank you. We can do it.


  2. I totally support you in your healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to help my wife right now… she’s very impatient lol.. she started her WW diet last week and so far is down 7 lbs! I think that’s awesome. She’s nervous right now though and I get it.

    You got this! I’m excited for you!

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