Day Seven…

The word “glimpse” is tugging at my thoughts today. Not as a noun but as a verb: to see or perceive briefly or partially. A noun is fixed but a verb moves. A verb indicates action, a verb is life in the motion. A glimpse can be easily dismissed because they happen so quickly; however, when people are fully present in their actions a glimpse can be a cause for celebration. I wonder about all the people who are on a weight loss journey like me, what glimpses are they catching along the way?

In the mornings when I wake up, I catch a glimpse of that familiar energy that came from the many days of living a healthy lifestyle. My head is clear, I am just the tiniest bit hungry, and I feel ready to take on the day. In that way, that momentary perception that could be easily overlooked, but when I catch it, it encourages me to keep going.

I am going to celebrate the small victories and just say that I am hopeful for tomorrow’s weigh-in.

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Q: Quarantine – is a strength word for me because this situation is teaching me how to be more flexible. It was not the spin classes or attending in-person workshops that made my weight loss goals successful. It was me.

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