No, Not Ever…

Today was the Super Bowl LIV (54 – yes I had to look it up as this is the only time we Americans use Roman Numerals). I was the dutiful wife and prepared snacks for my husband as he enjoyed the game. It made me happy to make it special for him. And as an added bonus, these foods weren’t all the tempting to me. I don’t really love chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, mini beef pockets, or mozzarella sticks. Temptation was successfully averted! Woo Hoo!

Now the game is over, and congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! The the dishes are all stacked inside the dishwasher, and I am left to think, would I have been as successful if I enjoyed those foods? Would I have to make a vow not ever to eat the foods I really do like in order to keep the weight off? The answer is decidedly “No.” There really can’t be any foods that are totally off limits if my weight loss is going to stick for the rest of my life. Learning how to eat foods I really enjoy in moderation continues to be a learning curve for me. However, this is one lesson I’m going to have to learn.

I’m not there yet. I do overindulge and sometimes I do eat to get some comfort or relief from stress or anxiety. I am grateful that I am at least self-aware to know this about myself. The next phase is to take an active role in changing these behaviors. I’m open to suggestions by the way so if you have any ideas of how to stop overindulgences as they are happening please let me know.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I go to Teachers College in NYC tomorrow. I’ll take some pictures and let you know how the day went. We can do this, and better than that we can do it together.

4 thoughts on “No, Not Ever…

  1. Once again, thank you for your insights. I am needing support on the topic of extended travel and food choices. It really is no different than my day-to-day choices. The challenge of locating restaurants with vegan dishes is tough enough…..but the greatest challenge is not falling into “vacation mode” eating pattern that is a tough habit to break. I have been staying away from sugar for the past 6 months, and went crazy at the Super Bowl party, came home with a headache and now realize I need to remake my sugar free commitment in writing. Thanks for listening to my ramblings…Looking forward to your future inspiration.

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    1. Risa you inspire me. You are so reflective and tuned into your process. Knowing yourself is essential if weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is going to stick. I was so sick all last week, and now I find myself working a lot to make up for lost time BUT I am also sticking to my weight loss goals and making healthy choices. Knowing that I’m not alone helps a lot. Thank you.


  2. Nice to see you back posting! I did not do great on Super Bowl. My weekends tend to be very challenging and then I am on track Mon-Fri. And like Risa above – travel and vacation mode always gets me. I gained 4 pounds over Christmas with a week long vacation and I’ve still got two to lose (hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow). I’ve got two February trips coming up and it is very challenging for me to be away and eating restaurant foods for all the meals.

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    1. Thank you, Beth. I am back on track and am currently trying to make up for some backsliding into old habits. Life happens, holidays, Super Bowl, vacation and travel. All of it – and we are learning how to navigate it all. The most important thing is that we are engaged with the process. We are doing this and I for one am proud of us.


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