No Weigh…

No weigh in today, I just didn’t want to see that number go up from last week. Yesterday was a disaster, and old habits hit me right between the eyes. I wish I were able to write that I had better coping skills but making the choice not to face it was my best for today. So, I checked into my workshop, sat down and took lots and lots of notes.

I listened to members share their strategies, and lend each other support. I’ve decided to adopt a beginner’s mind and treat the plan as though I were “brand new” I used my weigh in book to reflect on my week, write a weekly goal, and a daily goal for today: to organize my kitchen and clean out my refrigerator. One other thing I want to add aside from taking a fresh approach to WW is to be self-aware of my internal hunger cues. I really want to work on eating when I’m hungry.

I can’t deny it, I’m disappointed in myself; although, I don’t really know what my expectations ought to be. If I’m doing my best, does it automatically mean that I’m going to be successful? Not always. If I’m not doing my best, why aren’t I? One thing I do know is that I think about my weight loss journey every day. On days when it’s not going so well that one statistic (only 17% of people maintain weight loss) tends to loom bigger in my thoughts. Why would I do that to myself? Fear, I guess. I guess I’m afraid of sliding backwards and just being another statistic.

I’m not a statistic though, I am imperfect, persistent, and hopeful. I hope I can keep this up, and I’m working at it. I write tonight with a grateful heart, thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “No Weigh…

  1. We will succeed because we are persistent. I got carried away through the holidays and ate lots of sweets. Now I’m back on track but my weight keeps creeping up. I weigh at home everyday, and this morning it was finally down a little. Tonight was out at Longhorns for my son’s bday. It was easier to stay on track because in January everyone is watching what they eat. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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    1. Great reflection, Margaret. It feels good to know that we are in this together. It’s good to hear you are having success – keep at it! I will too, and we will all (I was going to write get there but that isn’t right) figure out how to make this lifestyle work for us.


  2. What a great post- and kudos to you for your courage!👏👏
    I have admired your determination and your effort – it is such HARD work! But you are doing it. Oddly enough, it is when you document your struggles that I feel most hopeful… because it makes the journey real. You will absolutely be among the 17%… you already are!

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    1. Every word is true, and the hardest posts are the ones that deal with the struggle. When my brain clicks with my helpful habits, it does get manageable. I really don’t want to go backwards, and I really want to get over this hump. You’ve been a great support and I appreciate reading your comments. You help.


  3. Thank you for your honesty. I am struggling to get to goal and I was so very close and then self-sabotage entered the picture for reasons I cannot determine. I get up each morning with resolve but lately that resolve dissolves and I’m eating what’s not the best choice in amounts that are not going to lead to success. Yet, I cannot stop. Your daily comments are so helpful to me and I thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us.

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    1. I understand, and that is a horrible feeling. How can I help? Here are some things that may help: rework your kitchen to put healthy foods you love on display. Get rid of the junk. Have lemon water on hand. Monitor hunger cues. Log emotions right before you indulge on foods that will take you off track. The most important thing, don’t beat yourself up and be kind to yourself. This is really really hard, you are not alone.


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