A Better Day…

Things are clicking and it’s a much better day. That is the way it goes, for me, with weight loss. There are good days, better days, worst days, bad days. The common thread? Don’t give up. I will never give up I plan to keep at this. I will:

  • Celebrate my good choices
  • Be helpful to others who share the journey
  • Reflect on my poor choices
  • Monitor my external and internal hunger cues
  • Look for ways to stay engaged
  • Reach out when I need help
  • Not take my good habits for granted

There is a lot of effort that goes into this but it’s worth it – aways. Even (maybe especially) when weight loss is very difficult. Yesterday was crumby but today is better.

2 thoughts on “A Better Day…

  1. I love your list I’m going to copy it into my journal! Didn’t have a great week with birthday celebrations but I managed to eek out a .2 loss and I’m thrilled. Consistency is key! Have a great weekend

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