One Quarter Cup of Kindness…

I was proud of myself for not eating candy at professional development, tonight. I said it aloud a couple of times, “I’m not eating any candy.” I left for home (two hours after the end of my school day). I ate my apple on my drive home, and when I arrived had dinner in the crock pot all ready to go. These were all the good choices I made.

Well… I just ate a little more than 1/4 cup of chocolate chips. How bad can it be? Pretty bad… 16 SmartPoints. The taste of chocolate still lingers, and I know this decision will have an impact on my weight loss this week. Maybe I should have eaten a piece of candy before, but I really didn’t want to, I want to reach my goal. Now I feel a little too full, and a bit disappointed. This blog is my place for reflection and truth so there it is for all of you to read.

The good news is, I don’t have to be perfect to be successful on my weight loss journey. Perfection is for sleeping babies, rolling landscapes, and a nice hot cup of coffee. My weight loss journey is about reflection, practice and personal growth. So after I hit “Publish” I will head into the kitchen pour myself a nice big glass of water and initiate a “do over!” I will forgive myself for a poor choice, one that takes me farther from my goal. Then after that, I will just add the decision to forgive and move on over to another good choice for today.

8 thoughts on “One Quarter Cup of Kindness…

  1. Thank you. Your words mean so much.
    I have experienced the same choices and same regrets. I too struggle with forgiving myself, taking a deep breath and moving on.
    You are thoughtful and inspiring and each day I look forward to your honesty, inspiration and support for all of us together!

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  2. You continue to be an inspiration to me. My upcoming hurdle is how to handle travel. My hubby and I have taken 2 month trips overseas several times over the past 5 years, since our retirement, and I am in “holiday mode” eating whatever looks delicious. The result has always been to start over with WW when I return home. Fast forward….I reached my goal weight, but now have a 9 month trip planned!!! I just told hubby when he orders something that looks great I may limit myself to a bite of his, and order “my food” with my goal in mind….to stay in my healthy range!! Our son just located a travel scale for us to take along, hoping that would help motivate me! I have to look at travel eating as daily eating, not “vacation free for all”. Thanks for listening, Risa

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    1. Great reflection, Risa! You inspire me too. Yesterday was a rough one for me, and when I read your comment it reminds me to keep making strategies and looking for ways to make a weight loss journey doable. Thanks a lot.


  3. After having my baby I seem fight with my eating demons a lot. For example I fight every day to just drink water and take my doggone vitamins because I know if drink a pop or some juice I will over do it and that is not healthy. Making a conscious decision to do the right thing and then sticking to it is a huge step forward in your journey my dear.


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