Trial and Error…

When I walked out of Dunkin’ with coffee in hand and it felt like spring was on the way, which is very weird since it’s January. I took advantage of the nice weather, and took my sweet pup Sadie for a walk. Taking her for a walk, also kept my goal of doing some activity outside, two more days to go to complete that one. Since I’m writing about goals, another one I hit was to go food shopping and to prep food for the week. I am using kind words and reflecting on my progress.

As I reflect on the day, I have to confess that I did exceed my SmartPoints budget (thank you garlic bread for 8 SmartPoints). WW gives me those extra points so that I can indulge and I can rollover points to help myself recover. I packed my lunch for tomorrow and planned out plan friendly meals to keep my progress on track. I hope to have another loss on the scale this week. Either way, everything I’m doing for myself is something to be happy about. I’m taking care of myself.

I got this magazine and I am really enjoying it:

Here is a powerful quote from an emotional eater, who has maintained her weight loss for over three years:

“It takes a lot trial and error to figure out what works,” she says. “Not every day is going to be perfect, but I’m here because I pushed through the bad days.”


I related to her words. As I look back at my blog it documents my day-to-day journey and there were lots of “imperfect” days. Pushing through the bad days is the way to not give up. I understand this in a very profound way because this has been my experience too.

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