Got a Good Thing Going…

Many people are experiencing success on their weight loss journey and I am one of them, I lost 4 pounds this week! Many members of my WW community are losing weight and feeling so energized. One positive affirmation I walked away with came from Maria, who lost 6.9 pounds this week:

When it’s going good your spirits feel higher.


She said that so well because this is what I’ve found to be true also. When everything starts to click there is this sense of wellbeing that takes over. There is a shift in the energy you feel about eating healthy, getting activity, and having a growth mindset.

Between going to my WW workshop, finding out I lost weight, and having a low SmartPoint breakfast when I got home, I am starting the weekend off on a high. I want to keep that going, so here is my plan to setup myself up for success again this week…


  • Plan a menu of options for the week
  • Prep vegetables, fruits, and snacks ahead of time
  • Weigh, measure, and track


  • Outdoor activity three times this week
  • Classes at the gym three times this week
  • Record all my activity using my tracker


  • Use kind self talk every day
  • Reread blog posts for positive stories click here for one
  • Reflect every day through blogging
Crazy it’s 55 degrees in January in NY state!

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