It’s Going Good…

I am grateful it is Friday, and I am looking forward to meeting with my WW friends tomorrow. I had a great week. Here is what went well:

  • I tracked every day, everything
  • I weighed and measured my portions
  • I was sensitive to internal/external hunger cues
  • I tried a new recipe for salmon it was delish!
  • I went to spin this week (I wanted to go more, but it didn’t work out)
  • I tried homeopathic remedy from India (it was great and it worked)
  • I’m rolling over 33 SmartPoints (really truly)

I did a lot to help myself this week and that makes me happy. It’s so hard sometimes to carve out a little time for myself these days. So even just this slim list is something to celebrate. All of this I did to help me be healthier and happier. Of course I am hoping for good results on the scale, but even if I don’t get that tomorrow, I know it’s going good.

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