Mind Over Cookies…

Since it’s the day before holiday recess, I attended a nice festive breakfast during a meeting today. There was a great healthy option, Fage Fat Free Greek Yogurt with a nice fruit salad. It was really delicious. One of my friends had baked homemade cookies, and I decided that I would eat three (seriously they were tiny bite sized cookies). They were also delightful. Then I looked across the table at some bakery cookies that were cut up into wedges. Before I knew it, I kept looking at them, and all of a sudden I recognized what was happening, the want was back!

The only difference is something amazing happened, once I recognized it – it was quickly diminished. It was kind of freakish, it just went away. Maybe I’ve learned something extremely helpful through my challenging day yesterday. Not only didn’t I eat more cookies I said, “No thank you” to all of these foods:

I am thinking about my WW workshop tomorrow. I did not make my goal to get more sleep and activity. I think my time away from school will help me get my activity mojo going. I’m not giving up on that goal, I just need some more time to make it happen. I do think I’ll go down on the scale, but if I don’t I will try not to be discouraged because really, I’m proud of myself either way.

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