Hello Halo…

We had professional development today. With professional development comes snacks. The holidays are getting closer, the pressure is on, and everywhere I look I see some degree of challenge. Despite all of this, I am still on plan, and here are some great choices I made today:

  1. I drank lots of water.
  2. I snacked on halos instead of candy.
  3. I ordered a salad and got my salad dressing on the side.
  4. I packed a healthy lunch for tomorrow.
  5. I prepped vegetables to have on hand in the refrigerator.
  6. I remembered to breathe when I was feeling stressed.
  7. I monitored internal hunger cues today.
  8. I signed up for a spin class for tomorrow.
  9. I selected fruit instead of cake for dessert.
  10. I accepted a complement about my weight loss.

A word of advice, we don’t always have to live in the struggle. We can take a break from all that and just count all the good decisions we make along the way. Sometimes it’s just nice to acknowledge the good stuff.

Day 13 in the books!

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