Bears & Anchors…

Ever hear the expression “It’s been a bear of a day.” That sums up today. Insofar as my weight loss and wellness goals I am still on track. I made smart choices and I feel pretty great about that. I had brown rice, grilled chicken, broccoli, black beans, and Pico De Gallo. I am rolling over 4 SmartPoints, and life is pretty sweet on Green.

Day 2 in the books 12 more days to go!

I had to stop at the grocery store after my unbelievably long day and buy candy for PD tomorrow. Yup, you heard me it’s expected and besides, just because I’m not eating candy doesn’t mean the world isn’t. It was kind of crazy when I picked up the bag of Hershey Miniatures when some actually fell into my hands! The bag was ripped and it was fate was mocking me, “Candy anyone?” All I could do was laugh and put the bag back down on the shelf. I got this.

Right now the sweet thing I’m doing is taking this time to write this post just for me. I am writing to honor my efforts. There is a lot of my life I can’t control but at least of I have right now. My belief that I can do this is my anchor. I can get back to Lifetime status, and continue to maintain my weight loss. I am tethered by my belief in me.

Congratulations Vicky!

I hope you had a great day on plan, I hope you appreciate how amazing you are for taking your health and wellness goals. I’m cheering you on, keep going.

3 thoughts on “Bears & Anchors…

  1. Down .4 at weigh in – slow and steady. Saturday nights are my trouble zones – husband’s holiday party tomorrow – got to stay in my own lane and keep my eye on the prize.

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