Gone Awry…

I want to start this post with some gratitude. I am grateful for my renewed energy for the journey. Day one of my of my self-imposed 14 day Sugar Free Challenge. Great! No dessert – not even a desire for dessert. This is a strong start that makes me pretty happy.

However, it is later than I want it to be. I came home from work cooked dinner, packed lunch, did some organizing for work, I was pulled into a project with my son, and after that I was put to work with my writing partner. She like me, has endless days of “have to” and strives to stretch and grow. Now my dog is sleeping on the ottoman and I am thinking she is smarter than me. I am here wide awake and thinking that I am signed up for spin class tomorrow and I really want to go. So the sweet thing I am going to do for myself is to say “good night.

3 thoughts on “Gone Awry…

  1. Just finding your blog and catching up on your old posts! I too am back on track – on green – and feeling motivated. I’ve got about 20-25 lbs to get back to Lifetime goal. Looking forward to being one of your new readers!

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