Zeros to Heros…

I am sick, and went to the doctor. I was prescribed some antibiotics, but also recommended that I eat grapes and oranges. This was some good news because they are zero SmartPoints. So I began to wonder, what makes grapes, and oranges so good for me.

Grapes pack a nutritional punch; namely, antioxidants, which means they’re good for the skin, and hair which I can really use these days. They are one of the healthiest zero SmartPoint foods around. In fact, some studies show that grapes may have anti-cancer properties. Did you know, grapes were one of the earliest fruits grown by man? They have roots (sorry) going back 6,000 to 8,000 years ago.  

Grapes and Peaches Paul Cezanne!

Oranges are also zero SmartPoints but (just like grapes) are chock-full of nutrients. Strangely they also support clear, healthy, skin and can help to to fend off serious diseases when eaten as part of a healthy diet. Another reason to love WW (as if I needed one) these zero SmartPoint foods are built for better health for life. An orange has over 170 different phytochemicals (cancer fighting nutrients) and more than 60 flavonoids. Many of these have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which is really good for those of us who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Oranges – Vincent van Gogh!

Turns out, grapes and oranges really are the comfort foods my body can use. There really is so much to learn, and I have to remember not to take my weight loss journey for granted.

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