Home Again…

Today’s post will be a book end to Thursday’s post. Two short post with lots of action in between! I attended #NCTE19 at Baltimore MD. Sessions were great and I learned a lot. I am home with a head full of ideas, and SmartPoints balance next to zero heading into Thanksgiving week. I’m not going to let that bum me out because I know I have momentum on my side. I found it difficult to preserve my SmartPoints because there was not a lot of healthy food options. Everywhere I went the food choices I had available to me came up as a lot of SmartPoints. I put them all into my tracker and that is something; I did try, I skipped fries and substituted salad, I stayed away from trail mixes, in favor of lower point pretzels, I ate baked chips, and drank lots of water. I had to hunt down a banana and an apple at one of the hotels (that was almost impossible). The hostess wouldn’t take money for them, so I left her a tip by her scheduling book. It was a hectic busy trip for this skittish traveler. I’m happy to be home and I am going food shopping tomorrow.

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