Teach Your Parents Well…

When I came into work today, these two fine feathered friends on my featured image greeted me. So close to Thanksgiving I bet they’re happy to be touring elementary schools. Then, when I got home from work, my son came home from school just full of useful advice. He had listened to a dietician lecture about what we should, and should not be eating. He explained in great detail how meat products are extremely bad, they cause heart disease and cancers, and we should be eating more plant based foods. He said all of this, as though it should have been the revelation to me as it was to him. Ego and teenagers are close friends. Little does he know, that sans the degree, I am practically a dietician at this point. Years of being a WW member, reading countless books and articles, watching documentaries, and news programs, I have learned a lot about nutrition.

Here’s the thing, he does raise a good point though. Maybe we are eating too much meat. Maybe a few meatless meals a week, are a good idea. Don’t tell him I said so but he might raise a good point. As it happens I had planned to make the Butternut Squash Soup tonight – it was delish! I think I may try this Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash sometime over Thanksgiving weekend:

I guess my take-away from today is to be open to trying new things. Keep an open mind because maybe there is always something more to learn. And to try to live my life in a way that shows I really believe those things.

4 thoughts on “Teach Your Parents Well…

  1. It’s great your schools are teaching valuable nutrition information. and wonderful that your son has taken this info and rolled with it :). I keep thinking we need to do a meatless day each week. must try harder on this. Isn’t it amazing how much information we pick up on these little journeys of ours – my mum and mum in law keep asking questions… and I actually know some of the answers!

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