Hunger Pains…

I woke up hungry this morning. Being hungry is not a great thing for me. I find that if I get too hungry, I am more likely to lose control and overeat. The day began with eating an egg and a banana. Protein in the morning helps to curb hunger and keeps me satisfied longer. Later in the afternoon, I made the decision to eat an earlier lunch. I drank lots of water, but I was still hungry after lunch and resorted to eating my snacks. So on the drive home all I could do is drink some seltzer water.

Dinner was in the oven cooking (I had prepared a lasagna yesterday to cook today) so at least I didn’t have to spend so much time thinking about what to make. By the end of the day I had eaten all my SmartPoints. My day was balanced: Breakfast: 2 sp. Lunch 7 sp. Dinner 19 sp., Snack 2 sp. I feel good about my sense of control, and I think the reason why today worked out so well was because of planning. It did take a bit of time and effort over the weekend to plan but it all paid off today.

4 thoughts on “Hunger Pains…

  1. I have had days like this also. I attribute it to my running schedule. It seems to happen after my longer runs, it’s just the way my new body reacts to the new exercise regime I’ve established. I grab zero point proteins to help curb the hungries … an it works! One of the best things that has happened to me on this journey is how I’m listening to my body and the cues it’s giving to me! 💝

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