Picking Apart Patterns…

This is what I wanted yesterday to be…

A new day, a new chance to start again. I find myself in the throes of a new pattern, I am overdoing it on the weekend and getting back on plan during the week. I believe I can still pull out a loss on the scale but that’s not the point. All of these feelings of loss of control, feeling deprived, and the constant test of willpower is exhausting.

I am done with this. From this point on I’m going to keep to the program. I started my day eating Fat-free Greek yogurt with fruit and walnuts for 2 sp. That did the trick, I wasn’t hungry all day. I looked up at the clock at work and it was 1:00 pm and time for lunch. I ate lunch and felt pretty satisfied. I ate a preplanned snack on the way home, and right now dinner is heating up in the oven. I am signed up for spin tomorrow and that’s my story.

A little while later…

I ended up staying up too late, and I had to cancel spin. I overdid it with my SmartPoints again and now I feel like I’m officially in a funk. I’m not giving up but I have to find my groove and figure out where I’m going wrong. I do believe if I keep telling myself a story of success I will back it up with action. So let’s do this together, ok?

4 thoughts on “Picking Apart Patterns…

  1. I’ve also noticed I don’t do as well when I neglect getting enough sleep. It took me about 10 months to get my groove back. I was bummed out when Wellness Wins came out last fall and was dealing with being a caregiver for my sister (back surgery), my elderly mother’s needs, her dogs, etc. I still have a lot of stressors, but they have lessened so I am able to work on my weight loss (and down the road maintenance) goals. When I rejoined WW in Sept., I promised myself I would start exercising once I lost 10 lb. I’ve keep that promise so far by taking it slowly. I’ve also been reading some books on cognitive therapy for weight loss. The books have been helpful and I’m slowly incorporating the ideas from Judith Beck’s book.

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    1. I will check that out – I do like to read and learn about the things that challenge me in life. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey with me. I’m just digging in and going to keep working the program because good health is what I really want for myself. You’re so right about sleep, I know that is an area that I need to pay attention too. Thanks for reaching out.


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