Looking Inward…

Post Halloween and I went down on the scale; this, even with the early-week setback is something to celebrate. I feel very connected to my weight loss goals. With a great sigh, I say, “What a relief.” How come this time is sticking when (for a while now) I have felt so out of step? I don’t know. Is it important for me to know the answer to this question? Maybe it is. Maybe if I understood why my motivation dropped off then I could avoid future setbacks.

Somewhere along the line I mistakenly started associating food as a form of self-care. Over time, this became an unhealthy habit that went underground. What I mean by “underground” this habit was completely invisible to me. I am more self-aware than I used to be and I regard this new insight as marker of personal growth. I am wide awake and understand the nature of my learned behaviors. So, why does this unhealthy habit still take hold of me? It’s as though it is running beneath the surface and has the power to suck me back like an undertow.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe there are layers of awareness. I’m more aware than I used to be but not as much as tomorrow. Hey… wasn’t there a song that went like that?

My wish for you is that you are also traveling down this weight loss path and are feeling strong about your choices.

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