How can one piece of (thin-crust) pizza be 13 SmartPoints? I know it’s 13 sp. because I weighed it on my WW scale. At first I was really happy because it came up as 5 sp. until I realized (right away) it was too good to be true. Turns out I was reading ounces for grams, and THAT was very disappointing. So I ate my one piece of pizza, with salad and balsamic vinegar. Even though it was delicious, I was so distracted thinking about how little there was of it.

I hate to say it but this pizza situation is just the kind of thing that makes people give up. On one hand, it feels kind of rotten to restrict myself and watch everyone else eat what they want. On the other hand, now I am satisfied I’m not hungry, I can say I feel amazing to be in such control. To say I’ve got my hands full with this weight loss journey would be an understatement.

Giving up… think about what would I be giving up on? Me. I’d be giving up on me. I won’t do that, neither should you. In the moment it may feel bitter but getting through it, afterwards, it’s pretty sweet. Things change all the time. Name it, feel it, and I bet it will help you get through too.

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