I had a great day on plan. It’s the first great day in a long while. It’s been a total of fourteen days since I wrote my last post and tonight I am writing from my heart. My weight loss journey is very important to me it has given me both confidence and energy. It has shown me that I can overcome obstacles and reclaim my personal sense of power. Since I’ve been on this journey, I have made important self-discoveries because writing these posts has pushed me to be more reflective. I am extremely grateful.

Even with all of these positive rewards, this is still hard. If you find yourself in a similar spot (thinking this is too hard) I hope you will give yourself the time and space you need to reengage with your weight loss efforts. You can do this, don’t forget that because it’s the truth. Thank you for reading. More tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Heartfelt…

  1. You have been missed!
    Your blog is very powerful- I have been worried about someone that I have never met!😳
    Pleased to hear that you are back in the groove…👍

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  2. Good to see you back in your space. Your words are important. “This is still hard.” I understand those four words very well. And it’s reassuring to see them on the page. And encouraging to me and my efforts.

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