All in a Day…

I think I get into trouble when I make up a story for how my weight loss journey is supposed to go. Yes, I do get to write my own story, but that doesn’t mean I get to do a blow-by-blow for how it will go. My journey is not a linear path. There are many peaks and valleys even within one day.

I am so happy I was able to get some activity today. Activity helps my mood, it curbs my hunger, and it just makes me feel good. I ate a healthy breakfast at home, and I felt physically satisfied for over four hours. I ate a healthy lunch and again, I was satisfied. Then I came home from work and my stellar day took a downturn. I forgot to take something out to prepare for dinner when I left for work. I was tired from my commute and the weight of the day and things fell apart. I was very hungry and kept picking. At first, I had 28 grams of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn (4 sp.) and 15 grams of nuts (3 sp.). Then I ate salad with avocado (that I did not weigh) and a light English muffin. In the end I ate 2 slices of pizza and that is a hard meal to absorb in my SmartPoints balance.

I don’t know if today will set me back to the point where I end up going up on the scale on Saturday. I really want to keep my downward momentum going. The thing is, I’m making it more difficult than it needs to be, I can’t let myself get too tired or too hungry. I get to control that. I want to rally my energy to make it happen. So if I’m writing my own story, I might as well make this a good one. One where the I overcome my obstacles and win the day. I am going to tell myself over and over, I can do this. I know I can get back to Lifetime status and I am worth this effort. So are you, believe it.