Even When…

By the time I got home from the city today, I was tired and hungry. This is not a winning combination. I made some poor choices, and am now regretting them. Regret is a reason to reflect. If I had tracked my choices while I was making them, I probably would have made better ones. My dad liked to say, “Kick yourself once, then let it go.” So, I’m starting over. I am drinking a big glass of water, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and going to bed.

All day learning at Columbia University Teachers College

Tomorrow, I’ll go to spin and start again. Even when I feel like I’m failing on my weight loss journey, I know that’s not true. Just being on the journey, investing in the thought, the planning, the ambition to change my life and make healthier choices is a marker of great success. This is not easy, and it’s a mistake to minimize that. However, I know I can accomplish difficult things. My choices today do not define me. They are a product of physical and emotional exhaustion.

7 thoughts on “Even When…

  1. Thank you for your daily thoughts.
    I look forward to reading your insights each day. Every topic has been spot on- as if you’re reading my mind along this journey of ours!
    I love your writing, your honesty and your great suggestions!
    Thank you for the inspiration, tips, and motivation for all of us.

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  2. I think you’re doing great. When we drive down the road or walk on a trail, there are bumps, obstacles, and sometimes one just simply turns an ankle. The key is to rest when necessary and ten to your needs, then keep going. You’ve been a source of encouragement to me- thank you for your blog! I’m on my 7 pound journey to a new goal and it’s a long road, it seems.


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