Caldrons & Cravings…

Has a craving ever gotten you under its spell?. A while back I found out that my husband opened the huge bag of assorted candy I bought for Halloween. Everything was fine when that bag was factory sealed – I didn’t want even one piece. Now that I know it’s opened I find myself wanting candy everyday. Being the problem solver that I am, I asked him to hide it someplace so I wouldn’t find it. Well, he did, and I’m still thinking about it.

My WHY, My Charm…

It’s not magic, but it helps to remember my “why” I’m doing this. Here goes:

  1. I want to take care of myself, and eating Halloween candy is not the best way to do that.
  2. I want to continue to feel physically good, and if I eat too much candy I will feel sick.
  3. I can eat candy, but it will take me outside my healthy eating zone and that will mean it will take longer to get back to Lifetime.

As a WW member, I know that nothing is off limits when it comes to food. I could eat candy if I planned it and ate it in moderation. However, sometimes (for me) the best answer is, “No. No candy, right now.” I actually feel better writing that down.

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