I Love NY…

I have three days of posts to share. I was working on each and never got them out so get ready for some reading lol…


We went into NYC tonight and had a great time. I am guilty of taking the city for granted because it’s right here in my backyard. It was a gorgeous night and the world was full of vibrant color and sounds:

We went out to eat, I had a salad, but it was loaded with dressing. It would have been better to have a burger and not eat the whole bun. Lately, I think I’ve been eating more than I need, and this is something to take seriously.

This video was a way to raise funds for the students of Parkland Fl. Just amazing.

One very positive thing to share, as we walked through the city, I felt as vibrant as the city itself. I could get around easily and felt in touch with my own sense of physical power. This was a fantastic feeling, a feeling that (in part) is possible because of my dramatic weight loss. I must try never to forget how far I’ve come.

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