Being Incandescent…

I left the gym early this morning to a hidden treasure. The early morning sky is hidden treasure in plain sight because it sneaks up on the world when we are all busy inside. Today, felt special because I got to be a witness to it and I thought,”I want to remember this feeling.” I breathed in cool morning air as if I were drinking water into a parched mouth. My body was slick with sweat, and my muscles had that warm burn that comes with a challenging workout. Everything looked and felt new again.

What would it be to live your life driven by your passions? My husband and I saw a fabulous documentary, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, I encourage you to see this film. It’s a given that she had this incredible immense talent, but she also has this rich, uniquely American, story to tell. I think her life may be a perfect example of a growth mindset. She didn’t play it safe with her career. Instead, she challenged herself to keep pushing her potential. It’s just very inspiring.

I was brought back to listening and signing along to her music with my mom, driving back from Queens after a day of visiting with Nanny Manzella.
This was a favorite of mine and my mother’s.

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