For Keeps…

Change takes time. The decision to make health and wellness a priority may be building up over time, until one day, BAM! You decide, I’ve had enough, it’s time to make a change. That rush of motivation is like adrenaline that ignites inner motivation to take action. It’s harder to hold onto that focused effort for the long term.

It’s all about the energy you’re willing to reserve for the journey. Finding things that inspire helps, a favorite song, something beautiful in the natural world, a favorite outfit, it can be anything so long as it makes you feel good. Filling yourself up with the things you love helps to draw in the positive energy that helps us all to make better choices along the way.

I love this song so much xo

Today was a hard day, I’m transitioning back to work, and while I get a lot of personal satisfaction from work, I’m sad to be losing this intimate time with my family. My son is growing up, and changes are on the horizon. It’s so easy to lose yourself and health and wellness require attention. If I want to make these positive changes to my life for keeps, I have to find ways to set aside some of that love and care I feel for everyone else for me too.

3 thoughts on “For Keeps…

  1. Hang in there with the transition back to work. I’m trying to deal with the dark, dark mornings here.i did one stretching exercise this morning and am using Aaptiv for that. My September commitment is to track daily, strength train on Tuesdays and Saturdays and to do stretching every morning, no matter what. My trouble is going over my points allowance nearly every day!

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    1. Great goals! You’ve made them very specific and so it’s more likely you’ll accomplish them. Have you tried pre-tracking? Putting your food in ahead of time might help with going over. Thanks for sharing, this is very inspiring to me.


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