Understanding How…

I went food shopping today, and bought everything I need to be successful. For me, understanding how to get back to goal begins with dinnertime. I still am having trouble getting this together on a daily basis. So, I planned out dinners for the week, including the day I go to Columbia University NYC. I brought back a tool I’ve used in the past:

Paprika is an app that helps to manage recipes. It organizes them and takes out all the ads. It’s helpful, because gives the recipes a consistent format for me to follow.

Very delicious Rustic Roasted Ratatouille Soup & 0 SmartPoints. Click here for the recipe

There is more to understanding how to get back to goal than just dinnertime, but I must say it’s a nice start.

Re-Examining My Why…

In November 2018 I made it to my WW goal. My motivation for getting to goal was to get my energy and confidence back. I wanted to get back that sense of “lightness” that sense of ease I used to have moving around in the world. That why was enough to sustain me and carry me through over a year of effort. I was elated.

I’m the second one to the left.

Since achieving goal, I have gone on to be a Lifetime member. In WW world that means you no longer have to pay so long as you maintain a two pound range. I was able to maintain that until August this year. Right now, I am above that two pound range and have some work to get back to my “free seat”.

Things are a bit different this go around though. Even though I’m outside my range, I still have the energy I strived for, and I do feel that same sense of confidence. My clothes fit; although some of my jeans are a little tight, which I don’t care for that very much… I am 13 pounds away from Lifetime. This time, getting back to goal has to be driven by a why, it has to be one that fits my current situation.

I don’t want my why to be driven by fear of gaining back the weight. I want my why to be a positive thing, something that will inspire me and (I hope) others. I want to learn how to be mindful, someone who understand herself better. I want to try to grow beyond this struggle. I’m not sure exactly how I will do this yet… but this is what I’m thinking. My why is a work in progress but I think I’m getting closer.

Putting it Together…

Today is dedicated to my nephew, Zachary, who graduated college and is a bonafide Mechanical Engineer! Not only is he a gifted mathematician but he also has a work ethic to admire. When I think about him, and what he accomplished, I am truly blown away. He is proof that when we combine our natural talents with hard work anything is possible.

Mechanical engineering is defined as a discipline that applies engineering, physics, mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is also one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. This sounds very impressive indeed! Way to go Zach!

I weighed in today, and sometimes I get lucky – I lost 1.2 pounds even though I think I should have gone up. I’m not complaining, quite the contrary, “Thank you to the WW gods for this unexpected gift.” However, sometimes these “gifts” can be the start of a problem. For me, I find it’s easy to fool myself into believing this lifestyle doesn’t take some effort on my part. It really does, and lately I need to tighten up some of my healthy habits.

So, I’m working out a plan of action, and it’s going to begin with re-examining my why. Then I’ll figure out the rest.

I Love NY…

I have three days of posts to share. I was working on each and never got them out so get ready for some reading lol…


We went into NYC tonight and had a great time. I am guilty of taking the city for granted because it’s right here in my backyard. It was a gorgeous night and the world was full of vibrant color and sounds:

We went out to eat, I had a salad, but it was loaded with dressing. It would have been better to have a burger and not eat the whole bun. Lately, I think I’ve been eating more than I need, and this is something to take seriously.

This video was a way to raise funds for the students of Parkland Fl. Just amazing.

One very positive thing to share, as we walked through the city, I felt as vibrant as the city itself. I could get around easily and felt in touch with my own sense of physical power. This was a fantastic feeling, a feeling that (in part) is possible because of my dramatic weight loss. I must try never to forget how far I’ve come.

Open House…

Every September teachers working in the north east know it’s time to open up classrooms to the community. Tonight was our Open School Night and it went really well:

I had a good day on plan; however, dinnertime didn’t go so well for everyone at home. I brought a salad with some chicken for dinner, and everyone at home was supposed to eat the flank steak that was marinading overnight. I did all the prep work for that on Sunday, and unfortunately it was a bust. It was a little too rare and a little too spicy for my husband and son so I came home to some gripes and complaints. Well… everyone just has to get over it. I can’t do everything.

I’m a little discouraged, but I’m going to keep at this. Tomorrow is another chance to try again.

Dealing with Dinnertime…

I’ve noticed a pattern, now that I’m back at work. I am doing great with breakfast and lunch. I’ve made some time changes, I eat breakfast at home and I am careful to be attentive to eating in a quiet space. I usually eat in the dinning room and do my best to keep my mind quiet. Then at lunch, I am enjoying a nice variety of foods. I lean into zero SmartPoints foods, but I also eat foods that range from 1 to 3 to 5 SmartPoints. By dinnertime I usually have around 12 SmartPoints left. The problem is that I’m tired and hungry, and those conditions make it difficult to make good choices.

If I’m going to conquer dinnertime I have to have a plan in place.

This week is going to be different because I have a plan. I have planned out each day’s meal, and I made a deal with my daughter to help me prep foods so that it’s easier to get dinner going after a long day at work. Tonight’s dinner was big success…

10 SmartPoints

I’ve got a goal this week – to plan ahead for dinner. Let’s see how I do. I wonder, do you have a goal? What is it? How will you make it happen? Goals are so important, so if you don’t have one yet – think about what you really want and set a goal. More tomorrow.

Hungry Heart…

I don’t know what happened today, other than to say, I had a hungry day. It didn’t start out that way, I had a good breakfast and lunch. By the time I was on my way home, at 3:30 pm I was starving and tired. I got home, immediately ate a bowl of corn flakes with skim milk and took a nap. Now I’m over points and a little discouraged.

It’s ok, tomorrow is another day. I’m drinking some water, and am planning on an early bedtime. I hope you had a good day on plan, more tomorrow. Let’s keep at this.

Being Incandescent…

I left the gym early this morning to a hidden treasure. The early morning sky is hidden treasure in plain sight because it sneaks up on the world when we are all busy inside. Today, felt special because I got to be a witness to it and I thought,”I want to remember this feeling.” I breathed in cool morning air as if I were drinking water into a parched mouth. My body was slick with sweat, and my muscles had that warm burn that comes with a challenging workout. Everything looked and felt new again.

What would it be to live your life driven by your passions? My husband and I saw a fabulous documentary, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, I encourage you to see this film. It’s a given that she had this incredible immense talent, but she also has this rich, uniquely American, story to tell. I think her life may be a perfect example of a growth mindset. She didn’t play it safe with her career. Instead, she challenged herself to keep pushing her potential. It’s just very inspiring.

I was brought back to listening and signing along to her music with my mom, driving back from Queens after a day of visiting with Nanny Manzella.
This was a favorite of mine and my mother’s.

Comfort Carbs..

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks were planned out, smart, and satisfying. So why was dinner so hard? Through no fault of my own, dinner was took a while to prepare, and by the time I sat down to eat I was both tired and hungry. Woof… that not a good combo for me. I did measure out 1/2 cup of pasta, and I had two chicken meatballs, and half of an eggplant boat. That was all within my SmartPoints balances, however then I ate a crust of bread, and a raspberry/vanilla bar for dessert. The bread and the bar pushed me over my SmartPoints balance for the day. I’m a little disappointed but I was so tired and I let down my guard. I’m going to spin tomorrow morning, and I’m hoping for a stronger day.

Pep Talks…

Be confident! Be courageous! You did everything right to get ready for the week:

1 SmartPoint dinner
  1. You went to spin class this morning.
  2. You cleaned and prepped your vegetables
  3. You precooked a dinner (Eggplant Boats)
  4. You made egg muffins to grab and go.
  5. You packed your lunch.
  6. You laid out your clothes.
  7. You were mindful about what you ate today.
  8. You took Sadie for an evening walk when things got stressful.
  9. You went food shopping and bought good choices.
  10. You are taking some time to write this post.
My new containers holding my egg muffins.

These are all things I did to help myself be successful this week. If you decided to write your own list, what would say? Sometimes we have to be the ones who give ourselves a pep talk. The inner voice has a lot of power, and we get to decide how to wield that power. Put your inner voice to good use, lift yourself up with appreciation and awe. You are worthy at least that much.

Walking Sadie