That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles…

I went to my favorite bakery, Copenhagen, and ordered my husband’s birthday cake today. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I love cookies (Hello, I’m Jenn and I’m a WW member). Copenhagen happens to sell my favorite bakery cookies, and so the cookies won today. My decision to eat cookies had the potential to blow to my SmartPoints daily budget. Now I need to make the necessary adjustments so I remain in my Blue Dot status:

Foregoing cookies would have made today easier; however, I find that sometimes when I say “No” to the thing I really want it becomes my downfall. I realize I have some issues here, like why not just have one cookie, not three. The only thing I can say is at that moment looking through the glass the cookies got the better of me. My internal dialogue went like this:

I am ordering a cookie, I like the oatmeal, chocolate chip, and a candy chip. I want all three. How many points will that be? I went to Spin this morning, I can have three cookies.

My inner dialogue about food

I tracked the cookies as 14 sp. One choice leads to another, and now I only have 4 sp. left for dinner, but on WW that is doable. As I sit here snacking on vegetable sticks, I have decided what my dinner will be:

  • 2 cups Progresso Soup: Light Chicken Noodle 2 sp.
  • 2 oz Boars Head Ever Roast Chicken: 0 sp
  • 1 Josephs Flax Pita: 1 sp.
  • Green Salad with 30 ml Wishbone Light Italian Dressing: 1 sp.
The scale was there to measure the chicken, yes it was 0 sp.
but I wanted to be sure I had 2 oz.

I am trying to learn the give and take for control. That is something i’m going to be thinking about more in the future. Just think, if I lose weight this week, I will have done so with cookies in my life. That’s worth it to me. I am learning to co-exist with cookies.

Now, I also notice I had some stress today that impacted hunger cues. That could have added to my decision making today. It’s really all connected.

4 thoughts on “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles…

  1. Ah yes… I know Copenhagen Bakery! It would be unrealistic to think one could leave there without a special treat!
    I hope you fully enjoyed those cookies and woke up to a new day🙌.

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    1. You know by the time I ate cookie #3 a little remorse was setting in. But now I am remembering them fondly 🙂 I was able to stay in my “Blue Dot” range w/o using any extra points. I am pretty proud of that bc that’s something new for me. Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate it and you help!


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