Happiness Happens…

At my last WW workshop we talked about happiness. I think WW must be a fan of Shawn Achor. He gives a compelling TED Talk about the secret to happiness. If you haven’t watched this, watch it. It’s very entertaining and he shares important research about positive psychology.

Anyway, during my workshop session, I started thinking about all the people, places, and events that make me happy to think about. I could tell you stories about all of these things. There is so much about life to be stressed out about, isn’t there? Instead, why not think about about the parts of life that bring or have brought about feelings of love, security, and joy?

Weight gain comes a great cost. My health and wellness are dependent on my success. I am on this weight loss journey so I can be my best healthiest version of myself. That doesn’t just mean smaller sizes, it also means feeling confident, having energy, and exercising control. I encourage you to try creating one of these picture galleries. They are a great reminder to safeguard your why.

Some good food…

A Daily Challenge…

My niece posted this picture today on Instagram. I really like it I think it could be a fun challenge do for the week:

I spent some time indulging my hobbies today: writing, reading, drawing.

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