Working the Environment 101…

Today was a big day for getting ready for the week. I did a lot of work optimizing my environment for weight loss success. Having the right food in the house is the first and maybe the most important thing.

Here is another pro tip, it’s very important to try new foods. Who knew? But I really enjoy Quinoa as an alternative to Oatmeal. The good thing about Quinoa is that it offers protein, and it left me feeling satisfied for hours.

One cup of Quinoa is 6 sp. I could have been easily be satisfied with 1/2 cup for 3sp. The fruit has a 0 sp. balance and it was a very satisfying lunch.

Organizing spaces to create an environment that supports my weight loss goals is a good exercise. As I inventoried my kitchen tools, I thought about what I’m using and how they are helping me. I also thought about what I’m not using and whether I’m missing an opportunity. These are the tools I have to work with:

Then I got choppin’. There is not time like the present to get ready when it comes to food prep. For me, it helps to do it right away, that way I don’t forget about all though healthy fruits and vegetables that the bulk of shopping money goes to:

After all that work, I was pretty hungry. I had a late breakfast/early lunch with the Quinoa at 11:40 am, so I made myself a little lunch/ snack thing at 3:30 pm:

4 sp. Almonds 3 sp. Baby Bell cheese 1 sp. So good!

This is what living life on plan looks like. It’s a good mental check for me since I’ve been at this for a while. Here is my WW Recovery Checklist This tool is helping me to stay centered, and to continue to strengthen the good habits that have made weight loss possible for me:

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