Day Six…

Here are some images from the years 1980 – 1983:

There were all movies I either saw, or that I was desperate to see but my parents said, “No.” I was in junior high school (middle school) and I think these women had a big impact on my ideas about what a woman of value looked like. Body image is shaped over time and through subtle and no so subtle experiences. Like so many of these women were being swept off their feet, how’s the guy supposed to do that if she’s too big? This was around the time, that I was obsessed with my arms. I was convinced I’d never have the “shapely arm” the perfectly muscled thin arm that looked great in sleeveless shirts. That still bothers me today. I think I should be over it – I mean really?

This part of today’s post is being sent out to the ladies…

If you’re losing or maintaining weight, don’t wait, get sized and buy a new bra. Sorry, if you read my posts then you know I love puns. But seriously, buying a new bra makes you feel and look better. It feels so good to be able to have choices when it comes to clothing that it’s easy to forget about intimate apparel.

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