Day Seven…

I am using Headspace every day since I cashed in my WW rewards. I feel good during and after mediation, it is becoming a valuable part of my bedtime routine.

For me a good routine really helps form good habits. It’s something to consider, what routines are working? Why? What are not working? Why? Where would a routine be beneficial? How can I make a new routine stick. These are the kinds of questions that can get you on your way with crafting a healthy lifestyle that is personalized you and your needs.

I hope you had a good day on the journey. Keep going, because if you believe you can do this – you will.

2 thoughts on “Day Seven…

  1. Routines are so important! I think that for teachers, being out of the school routine can be challenging… meal times and food availability changes dramatically. I applaud your attention to developing a summer routine. It will serve you well in pursuing your goals!

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