Day Three…

It is a perfect summer day, and I started it off looking at coy ponds, and waiting for a pool guy to show up. It was very peaceful, and because it was early the weather was still cool. So sipping on my coffee, chatting with my hubby – it was a nice start to the day.

Later, I prepared a very healthy breakfast which was plan friendly. Never underestimate keeping some variety with fruits. It’s easy to get in a berry rut, because I do enjoy them but a grapefruit can be nice too.

In my effort to eat strategically and see how I feel, I found that this breakfast satisfied my hunger for hours! I said goodbye to the butter, and hello to the avocado and it really made a difference in my overall feeling of satisfaction. I didn’t feel any urges to snack.

I went to the beach, and got some sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather, peace and some time to kick back and read…

As if to round out this summer day, I went to the movies with my kids. Movies are always tricky because I want to nosh on snacks too. So don’t tell, but I brought in my own popcorn (4 sp.) nuts (I only wanted to eat half the package but I ate the whole thing (8 sp.) and one package of lemon Smart Cakes ( 1 sp.) I think lemon is my favorite. If I had it do over, I would have left the other half of the package in the car that way I’d have an additional 4 sp.

I do love this stuff, if you do too – go it’s good summertime fun.

Now that i used a whopping 12 sp. in snacks, I don’t have any left for dinner. Ever been there? Here is what I am going to do. I’m eating baked chicken (0 sp.), peas & onions (0 sp.), and 1 cup of mashed potatoes. (5 sp.) Since my dinner is 5 sp. I’m going to be dipping into my Weeklies. I did roll over 4 sp. yesterday – so it’s doable.

I hope you’re enjoying summer, and making healthy choices for yourself. Take some time to just enjoy.

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