Day Twenty-Six…

Here are my top five ways to keep motivated for weight loss:

  1. Write! Making a commitment to write honors reflection.
  2. Educate! Reading texts or watching videos honors enlightenment.
  3. Activity! Being active makes the body feel better.
  4. Share! Talking & listening with a community lends perspective
  5. Mindfulness! Live in the here and now helps to strike a balance.

Just reading this list gives me some energy to keep at this. Yet as I write this post, my husband just asked me if I want a Carvelite! Of course I do, it’s one of my favorite desserts. Now the game begins, if I have a junior cup (7 SmartPoints) I would be out of my “Healthy Eating Zone” but I have “Weeklies” if I want it. I should have just said, “No thanks honey.” But now he is gone and I’m sure he will come home with it. Putting it in the freezer for tomorrow is an option. Or I could just eat it and go lighter tomorrow. This interior dialogue is very draining, but sharing it here helps.

If he comes home with a Carvelite for me, I will eat it and go seven points lighter tomorrow. There, that’s my decision. This is how I’m learning to live my life on plan – still eating things I enjoy. Is it work, yes. But I do lots of difficult things every day. I can do this too.

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