Day Twenty-Four…

For me, there is something therapeutic to washing and cutting up vegetables. Then they look so colorful and cheerful. Plus it takes some time to prep them and that is time I can use to reflect. Today, is a good day to reflect. I’m thinking about how a WW member, Lauren, made Lifetime before her wedding. I’m so happy for her, she set a goal and accomplished it – that’s amazing. What she was able to do is a very big deal. I’m also thinking about the good advice a WW member shared…

“Don’t stop, keep attending meetings- it comes back if you stop.”

WW Member

Some of my weight did come back, and I’m sorting things out and I am doing better. I have found my footing and have regained some perspective with the food. I am grateful and so happy I didn’t give up when times became challenging. I did have a dream that I gained back all the weight, and when I woke up I felt so stressed out – isn’t that terrible? There is no way I can accomplish anything significant that comes from fear and anxiety. What if I turned to confidence instead of self-doubt? Confidence wins every time! I have beat the odds and lost the weight (even with my recent gains over the past few weeks) I am at a healthy weight and that is something I did for me.

So if you’re like me, and have been experiencing some challenge tell yourself…

Just keep going.

Thanks, Regina 🙂

I’m going to just keep going, I’m working the program dealing with setbacks and anticipating a great comeback – I can do this.

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