Day Twenty…

It is a dark, damp, dreary day and it is also a good day on plan. I am not hungry at all I am feeling content when it comes to food. I can’t explain why today is so much better than yesterday… welcome to my weight loss journey. I know the truth. I know l will always be tracking food, strategizing, and thinking about how keep the weight off or how to take it off, and that is alright with me. I would rather be aware and working on it than oblivious and stuck.

I’m also happy to share my journey all with anyone who wants to take the time to read about it. I do this with the hope that by writing, I am helping myself and others to better understand their process. Weight loss is challenging, to put it nicely, and how to make it work will be different for us all. I also believe that there is no reason to do on my own when there are so many others understand what I’m going through.

Take the journey.

Deciding to lose weight is such a personal choice, and it’s one the decider has to be ready for; otherwise, changes won’t stick. It hurts to sit back and be a witness, I find myself wishing I could do more for people I love. I wish I could motivate other people in my life to make better choices – it hurts to sit back and just be a witness. We witness stuff for others all the time don’t we? The good and the not so good. Sometimes, it is important to be a witness to our own actions. That’s where my head has been at over the past few days. I’m a witness to my own choices. I am bearing witness

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