Day Sixteen…

Never underestimate the power of changing a routine to break up an unwanted habit. My friend, a fellow WW member, shared her story and it really helped me today. She was stuck in an unhelpful routine. Each day when she came home from work, she would go straight into the kitchen and would eat more than she wanted. She disrupted this habit by going up to her bedroom, instead of going into the kitchen when she gets home from work. There, she would change her clothes, wash up, and decompress from the work day. This change helped her to feel more poised and in control so she would make better food choices.

I took a page from her book, and reenacted my night time routine. Once all the dishes were away and the counters were wiped down, I went up t my room and changed into pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on my night cream. I was careful to bring water upstairs with me. Now there would be no reason, to go downstairs and I removed the temptations for snacking.

We truly do learn better together. Thank you to my friend, Emily for being that helpful voice in my head tonight.

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