Day Two…

I’m pleased to say that my day one, “How Sweet It Is” no sugar challenge went well yesterday. Strange thing, by the time I went to bed I felt more content than I have lately. I was not hungry, and I felt good about my choices. I took steps and I was in control. Control is a funny thing, it’s both a pro and a con on this journey.

A satisfying snack yesterday

Having a sense of control is a pro on the road to weight loss and maintenance because it affords a sense of personal empowerment. When I exercise control over my portion sizes, or I plan ahead, or I select better food options I feel really great. Yet sometimes I get carried away with control and I start to build up little rules, and superstitions that go with certain choices. Then when it’s not possible to keep up those rules I feel like I’m losing control and that lead to negativity. It’s something to think about.

Give one little word (OLW) for sugar cravings. Why?

Sunday How Sweet It Is Seven Day Sugar Challenge


All cravings are drivers for habits so it’s very important to reflect on what I crave and why I crave it. In this case SUGAR. When I start thinking about the Dove chocolates in the pantry or sorbet in the freezer the desire to eat sugar is extremely persistent. It’s as though the wish to eat sugar is setting up a course of action that is virtually impossible to pull away from. It’s a little unsettling to acknowledge that my sugar cravings are so strong that when they grab hold of me, they have the power to undermine what I really want. I’m working on it. I wonder what’s your OLW for sugar cravings?

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