Day Twenty-Nine…

Expect the unexpected is my general sentiment for today. I started out very strong, I made a fun breakfast and was looking forward to another great day on plan:

7 SmartPoints: Bisquick Heart Smart Pancakes with fat free ReddiWhip & Strawberries

Then we went to Sagamore Hill and toured Teddy Roosevelt’s house in Oyster Bay. I find these kinds of tours interesting because being there makes it easier to imagine what life used to be like.After visiting, I find myself thinking more about the future than the past. It’s strange to think that people lived and died and never knowing what the future would be become. It makes me think about my own life, and what I know to be true, and wonder about what the future may bring:

When we returned home, there had been a micro burst (which is really a tornado) and we were greeted with this:

Well, this is no good. We loved that Dogwood Tree :{

I can’t explain what happened but then I feel off my “good habits” wagon, and I used up all of my Weekly SmartPoints, driving it into the negative (-18 SmartPoints). The ONLY positive spin I can put on this, is that I’m not unaware, I know how many SmartPoints I used, I know what I did and that’s better than denying that it happened.

Day Twenty-Eight…

This was an exceptional week on the scale: – 3.2 pounds. I really needed that boost. Had I not weighed in last week, because I knew I was going up on the scale, I wouldn’t have seen my efforts come to fruition this week. No matter what, for me anyway, it’s important to weigh in – I know that for certain.

My husband experienced huge success too! He performed at the Happenings on Main Street last night. They had an open mic and he sounded fantastic. I admire that he pushes himself to get out there and do something he loves. Go Dave!

Ooh La La 1973

In keeping with a musical theme, we saw the movie, Yesterday last night. It was such a good time. I’ve been listening to Beatles songs all day on Spotify having been reminded how great they were. They’re not my generation, but I love them just the same. Finding gratitude for this music that I’ve taken for granted is a real treat. It’s like someone giving you a hug and then you remember, “Oh hey, it’s you.” Check out the trailer:

Four Stars!

The big victory for today, I elected to have strawberries and whipped cream instead of cake for dessert. It was delicious and I saved a bunch of SmartPoints to boot. I hope you’re having a nice weekend readers. I believe in you, remember you can do this!

Day Twenty-Seven…

It is the day before weigh in and I am taking some time to reflect. Thinking back I can say that I was on point – absolutely no shenanigans going on over here. If I were a gambler, I would bet that I was going down on the scale tomorrow. If I don’t, then maybe something else is going on. I am on some medications that I don’t normally take and they might be having an impact on my weight loss efforts. Either way, I feel good because I know I’m doing my best and I am reinforcing all the good habits I’ve learned since September 2017. Go me!

I’m thinking a lot about a WW friend, Bob, who reached out and shared a bit about his weight loss journey. He lifted me up this week and helped me back. He told me his story, how he has been losing “slow and steady”. How he keeps engaged by looking for new recipes. He posts those recipes as a way to give back to our community. He reminded me how much I have done and how I should be proud of what I’ve been able to do. He was a friend, when I needed a friend. I am very grateful.

Ice-Cream Update…

If you read yesterday’s post, then you already know about my internal battle over the junior cup ice-cream, how would I handle the extra 7 SmartPoints it would cost to eat? Well, all my strategizing was for nothing because my husband said the line was too long at Carvel and he didn’t come home with any ice-cream after all.

Day Twenty-Six…

Here are my top five ways to keep motivated for weight loss:

  1. Write! Making a commitment to write honors reflection.
  2. Educate! Reading texts or watching videos honors enlightenment.
  3. Activity! Being active makes the body feel better.
  4. Share! Talking & listening with a community lends perspective
  5. Mindfulness! Live in the here and now helps to strike a balance.

Just reading this list gives me some energy to keep at this. Yet as I write this post, my husband just asked me if I want a Carvelite! Of course I do, it’s one of my favorite desserts. Now the game begins, if I have a junior cup (7 SmartPoints) I would be out of my “Healthy Eating Zone” but I have “Weeklies” if I want it. I should have just said, “No thanks honey.” But now he is gone and I’m sure he will come home with it. Putting it in the freezer for tomorrow is an option. Or I could just eat it and go lighter tomorrow. This interior dialogue is very draining, but sharing it here helps.

If he comes home with a Carvelite for me, I will eat it and go seven points lighter tomorrow. There, that’s my decision. This is how I’m learning to live my life on plan – still eating things I enjoy. Is it work, yes. But I do lots of difficult things every day. I can do this too.

Day Twenty-Five…

If you are looking for a place to get a nice easy lunch that is SmartPoint friendly, Panera is a great option. The two for two lunch deal was only 5 SmartPoints. I had a cup of the Ten Vegetable Soup and 1/2 Asian Chicken Salad for 4 SmartPoints and an apple 0 SmartPoints. It really hit the spot and and left me feeling good.

I learned about, Mark Hyman who is part of the Cleveland Clinic, and his work dealing with healthy immune systems in a Facebook group, #dailyjounalprompts . Here is his talk if you want to check it out for yourself:

Molecules in motion they go the way our emotions do so chronic stress is so bad for us. Everyone know it has negative impacts on health. However, do you know about the immunology of joy? Joy improves health, and it’s easy to do. A gratitude journal – yielded these amazing results. The amount of touching that goes on makes us healthier – a hug has profound effects. This blows me away.

More fun facts – Rheumatoid arthritis – there is a genetic predisposition, so gene plus environment equals a result. However, it can be greatly influenced by diet: plant based diets, eating fish, it all has an impact! A meatless Monday – so easy. Activity – moving just a bit more it helps a lot. A common sense approach that sounds a lot like the WW program – it all makes sense to me.

Day Twenty-Four…

For me, there is something therapeutic to washing and cutting up vegetables. Then they look so colorful and cheerful. Plus it takes some time to prep them and that is time I can use to reflect. Today, is a good day to reflect. I’m thinking about how a WW member, Lauren, made Lifetime before her wedding. I’m so happy for her, she set a goal and accomplished it – that’s amazing. What she was able to do is a very big deal. I’m also thinking about the good advice a WW member shared…

“Don’t stop, keep attending meetings- it comes back if you stop.”

WW Member

Some of my weight did come back, and I’m sorting things out and I am doing better. I have found my footing and have regained some perspective with the food. I am grateful and so happy I didn’t give up when times became challenging. I did have a dream that I gained back all the weight, and when I woke up I felt so stressed out – isn’t that terrible? There is no way I can accomplish anything significant that comes from fear and anxiety. What if I turned to confidence instead of self-doubt? Confidence wins every time! I have beat the odds and lost the weight (even with my recent gains over the past few weeks) I am at a healthy weight and that is something I did for me.

So if you’re like me, and have been experiencing some challenge tell yourself…

Just keep going.

Thanks, Regina 🙂

I’m going to just keep going, I’m working the program dealing with setbacks and anticipating a great comeback – I can do this.

Day Twenty-Three…

It is my turn to post the #dailyjournalprompt. If you like to journal each day here is my prompt, Lost & Found:

Today was a good day on plan. I used 28 SmartPoints which isn’t too bad because today is also my 30th wedding anniversary. I was very careful to eat whole foods during the day: yogurt, fresh fruit, salad with chicken and balsamic dressing, grapes. That way I could still have a nice anniversary dinner and be on plan.

I believe I can do this. I am finding my way back, so far this week, I have used 30/27/28 SmartPoints, so I am dipping into my Weekly balances but that’s ok, that’s why they are there. I am tracking honestly, and I think I will see good results on the scale.

Day Twenty-Two..

Today was a challenging day and I made it through! The day broke down like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 SmartPoints
  • Lunch: 3 SmartPoints
  • Dinner: 18 SmartPoints
  • Snack: 4 SmartPoints

At one point I was thinking about grabbing something out of fridge when I wasn’t really hungry and I realized what was happening and didn’t – that’s a good step in the right direction.

Day Twenty-One…

It’s funny how the days worked out, but Day 21 is also the day that we celebrated our daughter’s 21st Birthday. Their official birthday is really June 24th but we are close enough. The party went over as a complete success. They had a great time, our families and neighbors all came to help us celebrate. It was a good day.

Lately, I’ve been watching the TV show, This is Us, on Hulu. I think the appeal for this show is that at its heart, it is all about longing and belonging and a search for clarity. Every character is able to be fully articulate in the important moments. I wish I could do that, maybe that’s why I enjoy writing, I can reread my words in the attempt to capture my important moments. In the show, they use flashbacks to revisit the characters’ past in perfect detail. I wish I could do that too. I wish I could remember my daughters’ first birthday, with that kind of clarity, when my, and my husband’s parents were there. My dad was so sick, and I was just so grateful to have him there. We were on borrowed time, and he didn’t stay long but he was there.

Family events are emotional – whether it’s happiness or sadness it’s all still emotion. It’s so easy to overdo it with the food at these kinds of events. I used 30 SmartPoints for the day, and I feel good about that. I’m working my program, and no matter what my results on the scale are, I will know I did my best. Keep believing and eventually success will catch up.

Day Twenty…

It is a dark, damp, dreary day and it is also a good day on plan. I am not hungry at all I am feeling content when it comes to food. I can’t explain why today is so much better than yesterday… welcome to my weight loss journey. I know the truth. I know l will always be tracking food, strategizing, and thinking about how keep the weight off or how to take it off, and that is alright with me. I would rather be aware and working on it than oblivious and stuck.

I’m also happy to share my journey all with anyone who wants to take the time to read about it. I do this with the hope that by writing, I am helping myself and others to better understand their process. Weight loss is challenging, to put it nicely, and how to make it work will be different for us all. I also believe that there is no reason to do on my own when there are so many others understand what I’m going through.

Take the journey.

Deciding to lose weight is such a personal choice, and it’s one the decider has to be ready for; otherwise, changes won’t stick. It hurts to sit back and be a witness, I find myself wishing I could do more for people I love. I wish I could motivate other people in my life to make better choices – it hurts to sit back and just be a witness. We witness stuff for others all the time don’t we? The good and the not so good. Sometimes, it is important to be a witness to our own actions. That’s where my head has been at over the past few days. I’m a witness to my own choices. I am bearing witness