What Does the Data Say…

Objectivity and weight loss can be a difficult marriage. So much of weight loss is knotted up on the emotional side of my brain and not necessarily the analytical. So to remedy this, I decided to do a data dive:

  • I looked at my FitPoints
  • I looked at my tracker (knowing there is some missing data there)
  • I read over this week’s blog posts

I look at it like there are three broad categories: Gave Up; Struggling; Success. Here is what I found…

I’m projecting today as a “Success” even though it’s not over yet. I can tell it’s going to be a strong day for me though. This little exercise of getting “granular” (I find many administrators like that term, but for today, right now it fits) is helping me think through my current situation. The current situation is I am floundering on plan this week.

This is the story for each day:

  • Saturday: I attended my Workshop, I went to a kickass spin class I earned 19 FitPoints. I reflected on my blog, and I used 23 SmartPoints – Success!
  • Sunday: I was very thoughtful about my habits, and I went back to prepping my vegetables for the week, I used 21 SmartPoints – Success!
  • Monday: I had a stressful start to the work week. I reflected on the value of tracking. I ate when I was not hungry. I used 30 SmartPoints – Struggle.
  • Tuesday: I had a strong start with another amazing spin class I earned 16 FitPoints. I had to stay at work late, I was there until 7:20 pm. I had a 6:30 pm parent presentation to do, and I found myself picking at chips between work ending and that meeting. Then by the time I got home, close to 8:00 pm. I didn’t care and just ate whatever and didn’t track it. I don’t know how many SmartPoints I used – Gave Up.

Whatever happens, the choice is always up to me. Some days I’m stronger than others. I am electing to put today in the Success category because I can tell today will be a good one. I feel in control, and I have already – signed up for spin for tomorrow, packed/tracked my breakfast and lunch, and I know what I’m making for dinner. Having some data to go back to is important, it’s a gift I gave to myself. I can tell what I’m doing well so I can do more of that. I can think through my mistakes so I can try to be more strategic next time.

I’m not perfect, and I think it’s safe to say, none of us are. Kindness. Gratitude. Objectivity. Reflection. Resolve. These are the words that I am surrounding myself with. I can do this.

4 thoughts on “What Does the Data Say…

  1. I have been following your posts since day 1. This is what I think-you work too damn hard at your job. You ARE the best at what you do, but sometimes I think your career compromises your life.
    You are doing great. Be kind to yourself, always.

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  2. I really like this idea. It gives a week of information to see what works and where the plan falls apart. I am with you on the late night at work will blow my rhythm

    Thanks !!!

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