Crash & Burn…

This was Tuesday’s post. I didn’t publish it last night… it was a rough day.

What happened? I feel like I gave up today. I had to work late and by the time I got home I just didn’t care about anything and I ate whatever was easy, and I didn’t track it! I feel miserable about it, especially since I was writing about how important tracking is yesterday.

Was the whole entire day a loss? No, I went to spin class at 5:15 am and I had a great workout. I really appreciated having a strong start to the day. I love how strong spin makes me feel physically and by the end of the workout there are no stressful emotions or thoughts. Another good thing I did was to pack and track my breakfast and lunch. Taking the time to do these things shows how much I value my weight loss goals. All of these things are true about today.

It feels good to think about the good more than the bad. However, I am haunted by the behaviors that tonight evoked in me. I was not mindful by the time I got home. I was ravenous and stressed and my choices reflect that state of mind. Now, just I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed without packing my breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow, is a fresh chance to start over.

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