Don’t Wait it Out Write It Out…

This week, at my WW Studio, we had a discussion about ways to change unhelpful habits. Change the habit change the outcome, I’ve been writing about Habit Loops since Day Fifteen of my journey. I am intrigued by Habit Loops and how unconscious we are to the pull of our hidden habits. For example, somewhere along the line I created a bad habit of associating my emotions as a cue to eat. Sound familiar anyone? I know I’m not alone.

One strategy I want to try when I feel stressed, or I suddenly find myself on the hunt in the kitchen when I’m not really hungry, is doing a quick write. Today I watched a video for a few minutes, and started writing for five minutes about what I experienced and thought about and then a few more minutes to read over my writing. Try it, it’s fun.

My Quick Write: I am present now…

Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms offers teachers QR codes that give access to video files like this one.

The moon is floating and it’s hard to tell where the water meets the horizon. The warm light cascades over calm seas and there is only the sound of water lapping up against my boat and the smell of salt and teak. I am struck by how the creamy golden light wavers, dips, and shimmers like some strange exotic being. It is light it is radiant and I am reminded again this is not of this world. It is a visitor from above. Then as it breaks away to give the sea that one last embrace, it curves towards the edge of the sky and is gone. It is tucked away as the sun slides in and a new day has begun.

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