Beginnings & Endings…

There is a process to beginnings and endings, they cycle throughout life. There is a natural order them. In a way it’s comforting to know that things begin and end. Maybe that’s why maintenance is a hard sell. It feels as though it doesn’t begin and end, it feels like it just has to go on and on – that it just endures.

It’s not true. There is a cycle of beginnings and endings when it comes to maintenance. There are times when I get a burst of energy and look at maintaining my weight loss with brand new eyes. It’s a new beginning. There are other times when good streak will come to an end. I’m looking at you, Easter.

Actually, it’s been a very good week on plan. I have rolled over points, worked out and made my fitness goals. It’s the start of something good. It’s the end of overindulging.