Too Much…

Today we celebrated Easter and I did so eating anything I wanted. The day began with making Deviled Eggs out of our Easter Eggs. I know the irony is not lost on me either.

Then I picked on candy for a while. Which gave way to preparing dinner. It was a delicious dinner. We had scalloped potatoes, fresh ham, roasted carrots, and peas, crescent rolls for good measure.

Then we had bunny cupcakes for dessert. All very cute, sweet, and fun to eat. To say I overdid it is an understatement. Now, I’m sipping on ice water, and I have that “I ate too much” feeling.

Tomorrow is going to be an important day. Tomorrow is the day I leave the Easter eating in the past, and return to my healthy routines. I am scheduled for 9:30 am spin, and I think it’s going to be a little rough. I’m going to try to eat light and I’m already thinking I’m going to cut up veggies for a fresh vegetable platter to keep in the refrigerator. That’s the kind of helpful planning that helped me to lose and maintain a 93 pound weight loss.

Holiday Haze…

I had a great WW meeting. I went down .4 pounds and and that felt pretty great. I went to the gym, worked out for an hour. I ate sensibly all day, and that made me happy too. Then I made Easter Baskets and colored eggs. That’s when the trouble started. I started picking at Easter candy (I didn’t even buy that much) but since I have not eaten this stuff in a long time, I now feel sick to my stomach. It’s that holiday haze that lulled me into some less than stellar food choices.

Remember, this is just one day. I am in control and can make better choices tomorrow. I am living my life as #WW member and there will be ups and downs.