Tonight and Tomorrow…

Every day is not going to be good. When I was losing the bulk of my weight I had many days in a row that were, on point. Now that I’m maintaining some days are good to go while others I just go rouge. Lately I feel like I’m pulling from one extreme to another.

It was a beautiful spring day.

It doesn’t help that I’m worried about some things in my life. But that’s life. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I am going to keep doing my best, remembering that my best is pretty damn good. I bet yours is too. I am going to keep at this – living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my weight loss and it helps me to know that there are others like me who are doing the same thing.

Tonight, this feels hard to do but tomorrow it will probably feel easier.

2 thoughts on “Tonight and Tomorrow…

  1. Yeah I hear you. Being lifetime is great but some days it can be hard. My biggest fear is stopping and then reverting back to my 1.0 version. I don’t want that. I am making sure I am not too complacent where I am now. For the past 2 and a half years I’ve said I’m comfortable where I’m at now weight Wise. But I’ve made huge changes in my activity habits. Now I am planning to focus on my weight again. Losing 5 more pounds is much harder now than ever before. When you cut back and cut back how much more can you cut back? But I know it’s well worth it.

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