Yes, We Can…

I met my goal, I made to my yoga class after work. It was very challenging and there were quite a few positions I couldn’t do – yet. I am blown away when I see all these people who can stand effortlessly on one foot, and shift their balance with what seems to be great ease. Me on the other hand, I wobble and sway and I wonder how long it takes get decent at yoga! It’s ok though because I like practicing something I’m not that great at doing. It keeps me in touch with how my students must feel as they learn how to read and write.

I can celebrate that. so far, three days in to the new week I’m 3/3 with my activity goal. I do love goals, even when they aren’t met. I feel like I’m keeping myself hooked into the process with goal setting. Meeting my fitness goal for the day kind of set me up for what came next. I came home, and while dinner was cooking I prepped breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Now I am on target to roll over four SmartPoints.

I can do this and so can you. Believe it.