Running the Race…

Sometimes I just have to pace myself. I have to remember that this weight loss journey doesn’t have a finish line. I will always be in training for this race. It is a marathon not a sprint. There will be lots of hurdles and that’s ok.

Today was not a perfect day. I made some poor choices, and I was not present and mindful as I had hoped to be. Why not? I had a lot of running around, I had an argument with someone. I was not able to cook the dinner I thought I’d make and ended up snacking on a bunch of stuff instead and I tried to meet a work deadline. There are lots of reasons. Now that the work is done, the errands are over, and everyone in the house is fast asleep it is easier to think through why I made the choices I did.

What could I have done differently? I guess I could have taken a step back in the thick of it. I could have made myself stop and cook dinner. I could have changed my clothes and practices some self-care rituals I have come to rely upon. I could have just stopped: and taken care of me. That was a possibility but it didn’t seem like one at the time. You know, this weight loss journey isn’t going to be one revelation after another. I’m going to be repeating my mistakes because in the moment I don’t always see them. Or, sometimes I do see them and I decide to make them anyway because it seems too difficult to pull away from them.

I will keep writing, and reflecting with the hope that I will continue to grow my awareness and refine my skills for healthy living. This is a process and knowing that helps.

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