I did something pretty stressful tonight. It went well, and now I am just bone tired. I came home ate a bunch of pistachios, and cheese-it mix and I was not mindful about it. The trouble began when I forgot my lunch at home this morning. I only got back home after 9:30 pm and so next time I have to be more careful to make sure my lunch gets out the door with me.

Thank you to my friends who reached out and sent me some words of encouragement. I am deeply appreciative of your kind gestures. You helped me, thank you.

The Journey…

Tonight, thoughts of the journey and how it is always changing are crowding my brain. Yesterday was a struggle, today was a good one, I’m rolling over another two points; spin class was great this morning; and mindful reflection is slowly becoming a habit of mind. How about that for a word bender?

The other thing weighing me down tonight is that I’m trying to build up my confidence, I have to make a presentation to the school board tomorrow and I’ve written my remarks, practiced, and then rewritten them. I’ve recorded myself and listened back to it and I’m afraid that I sound like someone is sending me away to a dungeon! My hope is that when the time comes I sound more natural. That’s my story Im sticking with that.

I think weight loss fluctuates because life fluctuates. There is a lot going on in all our lives, so why make this harder than it needs to be? Say this with me, I’ll believe it if you believe it too:

You can do amazing things. You have proven this time and time again. Keep going because you are worth it.

Jenn Hayhurst